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The Best Gas-Running Pressure Washers to Buy : Short Reviews

Gas-running washers are the go-to choice for anyone needing raw performance while they’re pressure washing. Although electric washers are no doubt capable, even the strongest ones can barely keep up with the average gas power washer.

So if you are currently shopping for Best pressure washer brands
that can provide you with the greatest cleaning power for the money, these gas powered washers might just be what you’re looking for.

1. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot

The MSH3125 MegaShot is one of the top-selling pressure washers on the market at this moment in time. Powered by a capable and reliable Honda engine (GC190), it can generate about 3200 PSI of water pressure and an excellent flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

This best value pressure washer will allow you to clean the house, driveway, garage, and - at its maximum capacity - paint stripping, power soaping, and even cleaning multi-storey homes.

The bulky engine is supported by a solid welded-steel frame and the entire assembly is mounted on top of 10-inch pneumatic wheels for better stability as well as ease of transport. All in all, the entire washer weighs about 55 pounds.


In the box, you will also find a 25-foot long kink-resistant, high-pressure water hose. You also get an OEM axial pump, a spray gun, and a variety of quick-connect nozzles for you to adjust the spray angle on the fly. All of these, from our tests, are high quality and promise longevity for the user.

Most customers have also agreed with us that the washer is rather easy to use for being such a powerful gas washer. It’s also sturdy and will last you a fairly long time without needing significant maintenance.

2. Ryobi RY803001 PSI Washer

best home pressure washer worth taking into consideration, the Ryobi RY803001 is slightly more affordable than the MSH3125 but is still capable of providing virtually the same level of performance for all of your pressure washing needs.

The ever-reliable and capable Honda GCV160 gasoline engine can put out 3000 PSI of water pressure at an ample flow rate of 2.3 GPM. With this kind of performance, the washer can deal quickly and efficiently with all sorts of dirt, grime, mud, and oil stains that need removing.

The 35-foot long kink-resistant, non-marring high-pressure water hose also helps with extending the cleaning range to difficult places that shorter hoses might not be able to reach.

In total, the entire washer weighs about 56 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the MSH3125. However, the majority of the weight is offset by the 12-inch pneumatic wheels that can aid you with stabilizing the washer as well as carting it around using the hand truck design.


The handle can be easily detached to shrink its profile even further, making it easy to store as a result.

But the detail that makes the RY803001 truly stand out from the MSH3125 is the internal detergent tank. You can load the tank up with your favorite brand of chemical, latch onto the spray wand the soap applicator and you can start applying soap onto the dirty surfaces in the house or your car almost immediately. Furthermore, the five-in-one nozzle gives you the kind of versatility that not many other washers can offer.


We hope that you have found the best rated pressure washer
of your dreams in this short pressure washer review article! In case you are still on the fence about buying, we have more review articles prepared to aid you with forming a solid purchase decision that you won’t regret making. Happy purchasing!
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