Harry Kane


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Damn Leverkusen is on the way to become the invincibles 2.0

We could have done the same in 17/18 but fans wanted to see Yerry Mina in defence :pique:

They will probably lose a game or two, as they are in 3 competitions still, but lets see.

Yeah, EV almost went undefeated and got hated for not achieving it, despite nobody expecting such a season the summer before, a victim of his own success.


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13 points behind, its actually over.

He let go of all-time topscorer reward in EPL, just to not actually even win a trophy in Bundesliga

What a waste of time :lol:

Yeah, letting go a record they started counting a century after the actual tournament started. What a loss.
It was a joke record man, he made the right decision. Soon enough he will get enough titles


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He missed an absolute sitter yesterday. Didn't look himself at all. I think they're making him play through an ankle injury. He played no part in either of the England games during the international break.

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