Hansi Flick

Hansi Flick - how do we rate him?

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Hey guys, im here since 6 years but i have never seen a coach dividing the community into two sides like this man is doing here everyday. Either people love or hate him. At the moment he has the best chances to become our new coach so i wanted to make a poll to see if this forum is ready for him.


- won sextuple with Bayern --> have big club experiences and success

- strict guy who won't allow amigo culture

- plays high intensity with pace and a lot of attacking

- has said he would be happy to coach Barca --> likes us

- was according to Loew one of the main men for WC14 win


- had only 2 seasons as coach so far on top level

- high intensity / high line could not suit to our 'lazy, slow' players

- Germany stint was a disaster

- no Barca DNA :pique:


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Im not watching a single Barca game or step foot in this forum if the club hires Flick

Im fully convinced he will sink the club like the titanic


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Dunno fo sho, but.. The guy is pretty much the only experienced and somewhat proven coach, who at his best does what we all want to see from Barca. He is actually keen to join this, for more than a decade, dysfunctional moribund joint lead by Baron Harkonnen and is available for free. Don't think other candidates have much on him. Much of alternatives are list of "would be great in the future" guys, who play some BARCADNA, but in small clubs. Who knows what happs, when in Barca. Obviously, who knows watt happs with him too, but at least he's an older guy, emanating authority and very specific demands and has worked with top world class players . That may be my thing, but i don't trust all these portuguese chaps and Motta might be great in the end, but again, Barca connection, so it puts me off. Other options are off the bets anyway so go get the Fuhrer.

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