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Gareth Bale remains one of the biggest enigmas in the history of football. In some ways, he had it all. Pace, power, heading, freekicks, long-distance-shooting, passing, crossing, even dribbling... he could do it all. I would say that talent-wise, he was on bar with Cristiano Ronaldo. He could do everything that Cristiano did. He was every bit as fast (even faster), strong and could control the ball like he did. And Bale was a clean-living, level-headed guy. Then why did he retire (in terms of moden sport) so early? Why has he been more or less a has-been for several years now? Why did he fell out of pecking order with Zidane? Too much too soon? By the age of 28, he had won 4 CLs, was on astrogonimal wages and had three kids already. His legacy is unequalled with British footballers. He won 5 CLs and played for so many years for the biggest footballing club in the World. No Britoin has done anything close to that. No, he wasnt as great as George Best but he was better than Wayne Rooney. Yet even with all the achievements, you kind of feel that there should have been more of him. That his career is sort of more like a collection of highlights rather than a long-run of greatness. Had he had the work-rate and determination of CR7, he could have printed his name on the history of football. Sadly, that really isnt the case. Trophy and money-wise, what an unbelievable career. Talent-wise? It could have been a whole lot better.


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His late stint at Spurs was impressive, even more so since by then he was a semi-pro golfer

almost all his goals were golazzos

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