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I don't mind the comment.

Koemans attitude of complaining about the team is much worse.

At least Pimienta had balls to say that. Kudos for that.

Not even remotely similar for what the two can say about the squad.

Pimienta can say whatever he pleases as it makes no difference and he is not the one who will be scolded when proven incorrect.

Anyone who thinks this Barca squad can challenge for the CL is a moron.


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Cocky interview...

It's the same cockiness and arrogance that most of the Barca-DNA mantra, XAvi the biggest example, displays every time they open their mouth to speak.
They think of themselves as close to Pep in tactical nous, when they haven't achieved in real coaching life even the 1% of even someone like Valverde

They haven't learned their lessons that football history has taught the last 10 years, and they need some more real-life slapping to get some grip.
In any case that kind of overblown self-confidence, arrogance, and lack of humility is nauseating.
I don't want any such kind of character close to the Barca bench


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I don't mind the comment.

Koemans attitude of complaining about the team is much worse.

At least Pimienta had balls to say that. Kudos for that.

Koeman talked about winning CL before Bayern game, trying to boost moral of the team and it backfired.

Come across rather arrogant and possibly in part bitterness for his firing.

Can you blame him? He was already lobbying for 1st team job for quit sometime and suddenly he is fired from the club, and it was out of the blue decision too.
I liked him as Barca B coach and wanted him to stay long term, but wonder if it was "feeling that he is bigger than that role" that got him fired.


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His ego has been fed by the La Masia bandwagon that always over rated certain coaches/players.

No coach that achieved as little as he did with the B team should be anywhere near the first team role at Barca yet folk had him as a name to step up.

Was positioned as some kind of pure Barca DNA coach by some and he believes own hype.

Go out and prove something/anything as a coach at professional level before given a voice to critique other coaches at level far above anything he has operated at.


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The two promotion failures are passed off by most people because his team was 'too young' yet the average age of the team that faced UCAM was 22. Not like he was playing with 16 year olds, any team with that budget and talent should walk Segunda B (which is easier than the new First RFEF btw).

His only experience as a coach is coaching Barca u19 as they thrashed youth village teams and Barca B where he had the transfer budget of Getafe and a team full of players who later went on to play in first divisions. Then complained that the boards signings weren't good enough and he wasn't supported in the market. Most Segunda B teams don't pay transfer fees.

He has only coached teams where he had significantly more resources than the competition and couldn't succeed in 2 years to get B promoted. I suspect when he coaches a Segunda or LaLiga team eventually he will find out how hard it is to work with a team that's worse than the competition. He probably genuinely believes that he would compete for the CL as Barca coach.


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He failed to get up with a team that had Pena, Akieme, Correa, Araujo, Monhcu, Konrad, Iliax, Nico, Manaj etc.

Those are not all youth players and that is a lot of talent and expensive talent for that level with him being highest paid coach.

Those players and players he had are about age B teams will always be.

Excuse my ignorance, who is Correa?

I can't deny that the team had a lot of talent and a higher budget than it's rivals, but at the same time the goal is to develop first and promote second. Ideally you have both, and it is not as if the team did not almost achieve both.

If the budget had been built entirely for promotion and spending the same on a team with 8-10 years higher squad age and then not promoting from Segunda B, then being critical would be obvious.

So having all of those players does that mean he had them at the same time, and at the same time at the same level. Ilaix was only coming in at 16 during the 19/20 campaign while Nico was peripheral. Ilaix was moved to the A team in 20/21 while Nico promoted. Etc. Also players like Araujo and Manaj improved alot under Pimienta, along with fringe players like Dani Morer.

Don't forget that in the 19/20 playoff round that the squad for that mini tournament was messed about with Setien calling Araujo and Puig up and then not playing them, then Puig sticking with the first team while Araujo returned for the playoffs but wasn't really that good in the final.

And last season, a Semi loss on penalties which is a cointoss.


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I watched a lot of the stream. It was in context. Quite laughable interview. He said he was sure that the squad was good enough to compete for all the titles and that if he was manager they certainly would aim to win everything. Said yes losing to a Bayern or Man City happens but that this Barca can still beat any team in the world and that he would aim to win the CL as Barca manager. Recap if any B team followers are interested :

The Madrid game :

- Thinks it was a very even game that was decided by the chances finished. Says if Pique's header had gone in and Dest finished that sitter then the story would be very different. Thinks it was an evenly matched game and that it showed Barca can compete against any team in the world.

- That both the two teams are not as good as they once were.
Discussing the first team :

- This Barca squad can beat anyone & should be aiming to win every trophy they can. Says CL is a very reasonable target and so is LaLiga.

- Much of the issue with Koeman is that he plays players out of position. Says Collado should have been registered and understands playing right-wing perfectly, but also says Demir plays that position better than Dest and played well when he was put there at the start of LaLiga (Don't know what on earth he was watching as pretty much everyone thought Demir was bad).

- Praised Gavi a lot and said he is being played out of position at times and would be 'even better' in his natural position.

- Said Eric Garcia is an exceptional player and demonstrated a lot of commitment coming back to Barca. Says he knows there were other teams and City offering him good contracts.
B team, his sacking and some insights on signings :

- Says it should be an aim of the board to have as many B team/La Masia players in the first-team as possible and that instead of signing a backup midfielder from outside they could use B team players like Monchu (formerly) for example

- Says it's not true that his football wasn't in line with the Barca style (Laporta said recently he was sacked because his football and management didn't fit for Barca).

- Responded to a common criticism that he didn't give any chance to external transfers in the B team and that he only gave chances to La Masia players. Said most of the signings the board made for the B team (Reis, McGuane, Noveas etc) were not good enough and that the board didn't cooperate with him much when making signings, that he often found out in the press who was going to be signed for the B team. Adds that he played external transfers if they were better than what was 'at home' and says the only good transfers made were Araujo, Wague and Akieme.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to summarise this. Alot of those comments seem fair. I just highlighted the part I disagree with though.

Alot of coaches say this, and then come in and commit the same or similar mistakes as the predecessor. It is easy to sit on the outside and say another coach is not making the best out of players and how they are the magic bullet.

Setien said that Valverde didn't make the most out of Busquets because he had him out of position. Koeman said he would get the best out of Griezmann because he is not in his natural position.

Then Setien comes in and has the system expose Busquets and Sergi Roberto in a back 3, then Koeman comes in and players Griezmann everywhere and nowhere along the front line.

So Pimienta saying this, I take with a pinch of... pepper(?). Afterall in the playoff final for the B he too resorted to Matheus Pereira out of position at AMR for tactical reasons, which did not workout. It is what it is.


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For La Masia cultists he's the Mavericky of coaches.

Remember how much they've hyped Oscar Garcia and where he's now? He flopped at Celta (where our other former coaches like Lucho and Unzue did better) but at least he had some success coaching internationally (in Israeli and Austrian league but still) while Pimienta who is just a year younger hasn't shown anything yet outside of Barca and it's questionable if he'll get a chance to coach La Liga (or at least Segunda) club soon.

I wish him the best and hope he will do well wherever he goes but until proven otherwise Pimi for me is a good developing coach who will probably struggle when results will be expected from him. If a club like Levante or Getafe would give him a chance they would clearly be more concerned about getting immediate results than his longterm development of players. And no need to say IF he would take over our first team (I know he won't) he would be expected to compete for and win titles at some point as well. Maybe not this season with this team but in a year or two surely. And he hasn't done anything so far to prove he can do that imo.


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An inauspicious start at playoff-chasing Las Palmas for Garcia Pimienta.

1 win, 2 losses and 2 draws on a fairly easy run of games.

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