García Pimienta


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A well deserved appointment.

Terrible timing to be appointed the new manager but if this team is to get relegated, it shouldn't be held against him at all.


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Love his mentality. Should do great. Maybe he can't save us this year, but I'm very interested how he'll do next year.

But firstly, replace Varo with Ortola in goal.


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His first game today!! I can't wait to see how he set up the team and how they play. Very promising coach and I hope he can beat Almeria today who is also struggling in Segunda A.


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I don't want to hear anybody say that not many Barca B coach could do a better job than Lopez. Imagine if Pimienta coached this B last summer and not that donkey Lopez.. this man has improved this team and already on his way to maybe survive relegation. I love Pimienta and will have him one year in Barca B and then finally promoted to the first team.

Lol Lopez disaster destroyed Barca B. Today it's the first Barca B game this season I didn't feel threatened by the opponent. Pimienta made Barca B dominate a top 4 team and he deserve credz for that. Please god survive relegation and convince Riqui to stay. This board doesn't give a fuck about youth players unless they play in segunda A even tho players like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi Busquets and Puyol played in a lower division. Aleña barely play games for the first team and he plays in Segunda A. Imagine if players like Riqui play in Segunda B.. woow would be impossible for him to succeed, especially because he isn't physical strong enough to play for this board.
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pimienta have done a great job to convince players to stay. He has now convinced Riqui, Collado and Monchu to stay + others. This board or Lopez would never. This is why money isn't everything. If we had a good sporting project and a manager with clear ideas then you will convince many youth players to stay. Riqui knows he has to work hard to reach the first team, but he still stayed even tho he can leave to other clubs and earn money. Please more managers like Pimienta!!!


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According to Ferran Martinez the club has offered Pimienta a new contract until 2022 and he also wants to stay so this should probably be done quickly.

Other youth team coaches will also be offered new contracts.


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Pimienta is going to take over the B team, win them promotion, finish top of Segunda, become first team manager, win us two trebles, take Xavi on as assistant manager, and win another treble or two before finally stepping down for a 1 year sabbatical and handing the reigns over to Xavi, who will remain our manager for the next 10-15 years.

I can see it all now.

This looks like a good timeline, I can see it too!


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Someone been following this guy through multiple seasons ?

Since we are running out of options for the A-Team ...


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This is frankly speaking pathetic by Laporta and the current board.

Will lose my complete support over this if they replace him with Valdes or some crap like that.

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