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This is the best Argentina team in quite some time. They also have a decent manager who the players will play for. They're also unbeaten in their last 32 matches.

If they play as they have done for the past 2 years, they'll win the World Cup.


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Honestly though, he might finish on the podium in this seasons ballon dor after this.

Yeah I think this will be enough to somehow get him at least a top 5-10 finish.

I think he and Modric could both be top 5 ahead of players like De Bruyne despite not being nearly as good all around over the season.


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Should have splashed 110M for Lautaro instead of 120M + immense salary for Griezmann.

That Julian Alvarez chap also looks mustard.


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thought u posted this based on what you saw.

I watched them against Brazil in last years final and thats it, was enough.

What, you think i stay awake all night watching qualifiers in America? I don't even know what todays final was about, it wasnt WC, Copa, or the euros, so i can't be bothered then.

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