Fernando Torres


Messi-Good in creating opportunity.
Torres-Good in taking opportunity and scoring goal.

Messi+Torres COMBO=90% chance to win.


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On a serious note there are only 2 clubs in Spain Torres will ever play for Atletico and barcelona. He has said that so I am not making it up.

I can see him moving in his late 20's - he needs to win us some trophies first please nando :D!

Though you could give us £70m plus Eto'o and that may work. I would reject it - but it may work.


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There is already a thread on Torres in this section of the forum...plz stop makin multiple threads on players tht already exists....


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He would be an amazing choice upfront for Barca, though at the moment there's no chance of getting him unless it's in PES! Roll on PES 2010! :lol:


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Torres is absolutely quality (though I think he lacks consistency at times. He was injured a lot this season, so he has my benefit of the doubt for this season). Anyhoo, I think he's twice the player Eto'o is. Don't get me wrong, I love Sam, but I'd rather Torres any day.

Think of Torres up front, with henry and messi either side on the wings. Iniesta and Xavi in Mf. AWESOME. Or even if Henry played either up front WITH Fernando, or just in behind him as a SS (or vice versa), and Messi and INIESTA played on the wings. I think Torres would be great at Barca, but I respect that he's pledged his future to 'Pool so many times and has stuck to that.

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