Federico Valverde


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He is playing his best football this season, better than pre world cup 2022 version, that was scoring a lot of goals. Not getting enough credit because of Jude insane start, but Fede and Tcouameni are incredible this season.

El Gato

Taking the piss going to Players Tribune to effectively admit (without saying so) that he smacked Baena though no conclusive proof lmao
Getting away with it and doubling down to make the cunt pay. Way to go my man


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"The doctor told us that the pregnancy was at extremely high risk
extremely high risk and that the chance of survival was very low if
she continued the pregnancy. We had no choice but to
wait and see. Imagine hearing those words ... 'Your baby probably won't make it.
probably not going to make it.' I can't describe the pain.
My wife suffered physically and mentally every day. I just
switched off. I'm someone who keeps everything bottled up. I know it's not healthy,
it's not healthy, but I'm just being honest. I never want
anyone to see me cry. Even my family," Valverde explained his nature.

Even when his parents visited, he went into his bedroom "to be alone. The 20 hours a day when I wasn't at football, I was isolated. No mobile phone. No iPad. Just silence. I felt like I had to be the rock because everyone else was suffering. I played a character," confessed the South American.

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