FC Barcelona tickets: questions and info


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Hi all, newbie here. Does anyone know for a fact if all/most sections of the stadium will have tickets available for the real sociedad game before the game from the ticket office or would it be best to buy online now from the ticketmaster or from the barca site if they are back up on it?


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Travelling together with 2 others to Barcelona next tuesday to watch the game against Man United! First I bought 2 tickets (could only buy 2 together), and then a 3rd when the official website opened again (crashed immediately after the first purchase). The 3rd ticket was sent to my mail immediately after it was purchased, but I haven't recieved any e-mail with the first two tickets. Are there any other ways to access my tickets than through the e-mail? I have already recieved the e-mail with receipts proving the purchase of my all my 3 tickets with a "Purchase order number", the amount paid, chosen seats etc.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Barca fans!

I need help with tickets. I am traveling from Canada with a friend. And we really want to watch this game and this would be our first game to watch live. What would be our best option: can we find tickets at the stadium or should we buy online? And some local fans send me some links to buy online. Cheers! Aziz


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Hello, nice meet you all. I would like to ask anyone who knows about visiting Camp Nou, i'm comming from Uk between 13-18 May, and i was interested in the "Players Experience Tour" wich is on website but theres no more dates after 9th. Any info if it was canceled or ?

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