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4th quarter collapse against Madrid, it has become an all-too-familiar theme with this team, lost count already.

This team is going down, don't see any hope post-season. Bottling like their men's football counterparts. Next season the oldies like Mirotic and Higgins will get worse and we might lose Higgins anyways, plus Laporta wants to slash the basketball section spending by 15m, we might lose more players. Dark future ahead.


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Disgusting madridistas, surely Gavi was somewhere there provoking Yabusele.

Game ended with 1:40 until the end with Partizan up by 15 points. They've won the first game in Madrid too.

Vini and Valverde were in the stands too.



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Anyone saw the fight in euroleague madrid vs partizan
The punishment was 5gane ban only…… really
Dont let me get started, who got more influence on this



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All is lost...

Saras can go. To me he is like Xavi, seriously lacking the ability to make necessary changes and adjustments during the game when they are needed.

This is probably our last Final Four in a while, with all the cuts and uncertainties next season.

Go Olympiacos!

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