FA Cup


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Good times when I predicted Real winning the final and you shit on me for being clueless :lol: Such an obvious result.

I have never done that to someone for suggesting Real will win.

I said we were definitely the better team but with Real in a final you never know.

What exactly did I say? I could never fundamentally deny Madrid's chances. I'm sure about that. I know myself! :lol:


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I think I said something about Liverpool's lack of midfield culture and feel that was spot on. Liverpool looked dominant, but also clueless in the final.


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Think it came down to Courtois having an all-timer at the end rather than midfield culture. We created ample amount of chances but their keeper was insane that night.

Klopp teams are structured in a way where you normally have worhorses in midfield rather than elite technicians.

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