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Marseille and Bordeaux :lol: :lol:

Thats what you get when you are used to play against amateur teams in Ligue 1.


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Milan.:lol: I guess Gattuso prefers to focus on CL qualification for the next season. Pathetic behavior from the Olympiakos fans but if you can't score on your chances you deserve to exit the Europa League. Not only Milan but Inter as well urgently need to reach their former heights for Italian football to continue to develop. Nowadays and for far too long it's been all Juve on the sporting and economic level. This situation devaluates Italian football. You can't expect Napoli to challenge Juve on a continuous basis. They were close last year but on the other hand not that close when it really mattered. Anyway a bit off-topic.

Very successful group phase for the Austrian teams. Rapid, though generally weak, qualified for KO stage and Salzburg very confident with zero dropped points.

Impressive indeed. What are the reasons for the success of Austrian football this season and in the past season (Salzburg)? A good generation of homegrown players and managers or are we more in the "luck" department?

Personally I like seeing smaller European countries doing well and for their football to develop. We need the likes of Netherlands, Belgium (although they have been doing well in recent years), Switzerland, Poland (40 million people yet they are nowhere to be seen, maybe the most underperforming European nation in terms of club football), the Balkans, Greece etc. to continue to grow. I miss European football from 10-20-30 years ago (although I have not watched football for more than 20 years) where teams from Sweden, Poland, Netherlands etc. could reach European Cup semifinals, finals, UEFA cup semifinals and finals Cup Winner's Cup semifinals and finals etc.

At times it is very sad to witness the state of modern-day football with the economic and sporting monopoly that just a few limited leagues enjoy.

Marseille and Bordeaux :lol: :lol:

Thats what you get when you are used to play against amateur teams in Ligue 1.

At least Rennes managed to barely qualify against the mighty Astana at home. Give credit where credit is due.:worthy:
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It's likely that Ligue 1 will remain with only one team in Europe after the first knockout stage.

I think Rennes and Lyon are going out vs the Spanish sides.

Serie A looks likely to remain with 4. Juve, Roma, Inter and Napoli.

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TBH getting a result against Betis is better that you’d expect from a mid-table French side. Would probably be expected to go out against any similar tier team from another top 4 league. In that respect they’re overachieving and Betis ought to be disappointed as a team with a system aspiring for CL spots.

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