El Clasico 08/09: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona: 2 - 6


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For all you kinky young fuckers out there (i'm looking at maz and GJ)


hahaha That guy in between them is such a perv.

The difference in quality tonight for me was summed up when Iniesta did that turn in the middle. Gago looked so dejected when he did that.:lol:




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Absolutely beautiful...there are still tears in my eyes...this is the BEST day of the entire year for me...so beautiful!!:2145960713mundoemot


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can anyone give me a link to a torrent of them match, i couldn't physicall watch the game due to circumstances beyond my control.... I would be so greatful if someone could help me out here... Peace

anybody ? Even you! Yes you! The one readsing this right now! NO not him ! YOU!


The Game
I still cant believe that they played so high up.
Did the idiots really think they were going to beat us in an open match?
I was so nervous before the match.I was afraid they were going to do a Chelsea.
But as soon as the match started and I saw them playing high up I knew that we would win.


En castellano, This is BRUTAL. Que siga la fiesta!!!!

This first time that barça scored six in bernabeu
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fuck i hate man utd fans! i really hate them with a passion! bitching about how weak barcelona is since we drew 0-0 with chelsea


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No problem at all! The one i posted, as you said, has less seeders, so it takes a looong time to download. Yours is better!

I'm at 25% - I'm busting to see this! I hope it is the Good Spanish Comms, some of them are too boring...

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Puyol kissing his captain's armband is definitely the defining moment of this El Clasico! Great great open match and even greater performance from our boys. Well done Barca !!!!!!!

Objective achieved (El Clasico sweep) and now let's finish this with a trophy, cheers! We deserve it!!!!!!!

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