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The same as Arda stopping to be a professional footballer the moment he signed for Barca. They get their big move and think they have made it. Hleb was the same too.


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Man doesn't have a single memorable Madrid moment. Not a single one. Remember more of Reguilon and Mariano than of Hazard.


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Hands down biggest flop of all time. Can argue Griezmann, Coutinho etc are there, but at least these guys played lol.

In 3,5 seasons he played minutes worth 40 full games, which equals less than 12 games per season.

El Gato

Griezmann didnt flop. He just didnt fit

Hazard did nothing but got happy when transferred, got kicked, crocked and ran his mouth in vain
Most unlucky of all time and biggest Perez flop as a result
It's a wonder why Martinez persisted keeping him on side all the way till Qatar

That said, quite a trophy collection he amassed despite doing fuckall towards it


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In the end almost every 100mil+ signing turns into a meh deal.

It's pretty crazy.

Maybe it's just too high price to pay? Football has so much randomness in it and how players fit team etc.

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