Diego Maradona


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Messi in some of his best matches played at a higher technical level (United CL finals, RM CL Semis, Bayern CL semis), but this man's charisma, ingenuity, force of will, and footballing genius is something truly else.


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Rate this version of Maradona higher than any version of any player of the modern era.

Insane technicality, physicality, aura, leadership and mentality.

He used to defend and make good tackles too at times surprisingly.


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Maradona sets interesting records during the WC 86:
-WC record of 53 successful dribbles and
-Record most fouls suffered (also 53). The only person who has come close to his mark of 53 was Maradona himself in the 1990 (50) and 1982 (36) World Cups.

Curiosity: excluding the Hand of God goal against England, he committed a record seven hand ball fouls in World Cup play :lol:

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