Darwin Núñez


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I am not joking but an ewok once again can be heard when he was celebrating the goal.
I am just not sure the sound came from the Uruguayan this time.
I watched the highlights yesterdays and heard woman or little girl squealing and was wtfing for a moments thinking it's him, because it was in sinc.


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He's a pashun merchant and I love it.

The most chaotic and entertaining player. Always makes things happen.

DarWIN Nunez. 🇺🇾


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Happy for the lad. What a moment.

Watched the luis diaz darwin best friends test or something. Recommended watch


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16 goals and 11 assists in 2,228 minutes. 1.09 GA/90.

No one has been able to quantify the amount of goals scored due to teammates thriving in the wake of the chaos he creates. He’s a defenders nightmare and a bonafide match winner too.

Translates to a G/A every 82 mins.

Also, if we look at his stats in 2024 it’s actually closer to 60 mins.

We average 2.90 goals/90 when he's on the pitch and 2.09 goals/90 when he's not on the pitch.

That's an increase of 38.8% when he's playing.

One of the most influential forwards on the planet today in every way.

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