Daniel Carvajal


Dr. Raed St. Claire
Remember when Montoya was better than this guy? Funny how quickly and radically things change.

When was he ever? This was a hyperbole because he was selected for the NT. Montoya is good but he is slow and is not getting game time. He is another Giovinco in my opinion. A tactical full back.


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Easy now lol

But he was really insane tonight. So good. Amazing performance.

Yep, so amazing that he should have been sent off.

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UEFA can ban players retrospectively, right?

Ramos fucked up Mandzukic's face and Carvajal punches him, and the referees do nothing. I'd understand if this match was played in La Liga, but it's embarassing for CL football, for an away team to benefit from most decisions taken in a game.


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Bale should also have seen a yellow card for his overexagerated tackle against Juanfran in the first half.

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