Copa - Round of 16: Ceuta - Barca 0-5


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Wont be many if at all as first team players need minutes.

Bellerin Garcia Alonso Alba
Torre Kessie
Raphinha Fati Torres

Would imagine all of those and then maybe likes of Lewa to get some minutes.

After that if winning possibly Casado/Alacorn/Chadi if in squad.

But doubt much B team involvement.


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No B team players in squad it was just announced... if dont count players not registered in first team.

Only youngster is Alacron who is Juv A really.

Be good to see him get mins if can get clear in game.


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Riad, Texus & Pedrola ready 4 battle! :rambo:

Bellerin - Riad - Alonso - Alba
Bob - Texus- Torre
Pedrola - Ansu - Balde​

keep lewy and raph on standby ... just in case :whistle:


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I wouldn't underestimate anyone without our starting 11 in their best positions.
We might look like having kind of a good bench but it's far from the truth.
Lewa should play, as he needs game time to be ready to destroy ManU.
We can rotate some players though especially in defense, as we won't get punished for it and Ferran could finally find the net against an opponent of his class.


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Expect another thriller with top guns subbed in around 70th minute.

Barca reserves have a problem with the motivation against minnows. They all arrived at the club with the idea of claiming starting XI spots.


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Start Raphinha, Ansu, Ferran at the top. Sub off the one who's going to play in the league for Lewy at HT.


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Definitely a chance for a Copa downer after the travel and Saudi games. Betis already out and largely second best versus Osasuna.

Madrid got good possibilities to go out against Villarreal in good form and a mini fortress built at the upgraded stadium.

As for us, we will go through with probably a little struggle early on. Should get done within 90 though.

Let's hope the peripherals are motivated and guys like Torre have another solid outing.

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