COPA FINAL: FC Barcelona - Alaves 3-1


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At least we win something. Still love barca.
Thank you lucho for ur service. Wana c nex barca with new coach.


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What exactly did we create barring Messi's individual ridiculousness? We passed the ball side to side, and when we tried going through the middle we pretty much ran into a wall, barring Messi single handedly dismantling the opposition. All 3 goals and pretty much every single decent chance in the game was Messi's doing.

The one positive I take from this is the back-to-back-to-back. It's a good record that will be quite hard to beat.


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People can say whatever they want about Copa but this is still a great achievement...



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Great win and great performance from Messi. Nice to get a win and trophy for Enrique in his last game. With a few signings hopefully we'll be back to our best next season


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its been a disappointing season. at least we ended the season with winning the Copa del Rey. hopefully next season we can challenge and win the la liga and champions league

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