Copa Champions 2021!!! : FC Barcelona - Athletic Bilbao 4-0


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A copa to remember lads. With the 2 remontadas and all and a final where we basically dominated in all aspects.


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WE were in FULL CONTROL the whole game.
Masterclass display!
Just unlucky in the 1st half, and Griezman has to fucking learn how to score a tap- in
Bilbao only threatened ONCE the whole game with that set piece in the 1st half..

We deserve this trophy more than anything: team made so many comebacks in the Copa, 2 extra-time hard fought qualifications!

VAMOS for the League NOW...


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One positive takeaway from this game: Our passing up until into the box has improved so much under pressure. Some quick passing, some technically difficult ones performed in tight spaces and some passed with a lot of power but still being controlled well by player receiving the ball, building up from the back under pressure.

There was so much sloppiness and insecurity in previous seasons to this aspect of our game leading to facepalm easy turnovers. We couldn't string 2 passes.

I said this about the game against Real and today it showed again. A lot of aspects of passing game has improved. Koeman did a good job.


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Been a while since we looked in control during 92 full minutes. I wasn't nervous for a single second during the game.

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