CL Round 5: Barca - Porto 2-1


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yup and if PSG lose this one, they will face Dortmund in their last CL group game. A must win game, or else EL. 😂


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I get the Xavi hate, but I can't remember the last time one of our forwards did some individual magic (minus Lamine from time to time).


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Alan Varela is a great player and someone we were linked to a lot and only cost Porto 10m...


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Getting played off the park by Porto at home. But I feel they'll miss and miss and we eventually score a winner.

PS: I jumped the gun, they're winning :lol:


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Pedri is abysmal. Sub him. Does absolutely nothing but runs at a snail's pace. Ilkay Turan is one snail. Can't have 2.

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