CL | Round 2: Tottenham - Barca 2-4

Messi didn't even play all that well compared to his truly great performances.

Think how lucky we all are that The World is billions of years old and we happen to be here at the same time as Lionel Messi.

Anyone watch the show "Ancient Aliens"? The ancients had their aliens. We have our own in this modern age. Plays for Barcelona.


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Barca came through, big time. A very fine team performance. Yes, Messi was brilliant, but lots of excellent play by the rest of the team. Alba's under it backpass to Lenglet caused 1st Tot goal. Giving up the other to Kane, no shame in that.


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Good presentation, El Flaco, thanks for posting this. Glad that Coutinho's deep defense is highlighted, I thought this was pretty incredible for a forward. And was just what the defense needed, because his side seems to be the Spurs strong attacking side.

The views shown are a lot different from what I saw on our telecast, more wide angle. Now I see that Tot was trying to do something on defense, they had a plan. That really was not apparent just from the telecast. Each Tot defender was guarding a particular area of grass. There were big gaps between each line of grass they were defending. They paid no heed to the opponents who were moving all around, until it was too late to react effectively. They showed a lot of discipline following their plan. And they kept the grass from scoring any goals against them. It may have been the stupidest defense I have ever seen a team attempt vs. Barca.

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