CL | Round 1: FC Barcelona - Bayern Munchen 0-3


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The CL kit alone is a huge win :p

Wish they would make it the main kit going forward. Can't stand that other trash.


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A clear tactic: predicting defeats all the time. Bayern Munich and Bayern Munich, with Dortmunt they jumped for the Cup. Messi and Suarez are not, why should it be 2: 8?

Because we have a team of dinosaurs. Messi (especially) and Suarez were actually the least worst of the seniors (Busquets, Pique, Roberto, Alba are worse) in theory it can be worse than 2-8.


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I will be watching this match and cheering on FC Barcelona as I am a 100% dedicated elite FC Barcelona fan.


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Just watching the Leipzig - Bayern and Bayern is so strong, they are running riot
Only positive news is that Gnabry got inured

I will be happy if we lose by only 2 goals


Hi, its me..
At least we play them first + last i suppose. I cant really think of any other positives about this game :lol:

We used to be the team no one wanted to face, fans would worry how many goals they would concede against us. How times have changed :lol: :cry:

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