CL quarters: Atletico - Barca (3-2 agg)

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Champions League Quarter Final

Date: April 7, 2016, 20:45 CET​

Little time to rest as CL comes to Camp Nou this Tuesday.

I am sure we'll see different Barca and hopefully we can win this match and avoid conceding.


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this game will tell pretty much everything, if they put great performance then there is not need to worry, if they will play like yesterday, then its a problem and team is clearly out of steam and there is not much you can do about it, they played 10 matches more than atletico this season.


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There was plenty to do about it but Neymar and Messi can't be subbed and rested.

Last time Simeone attacked us in our own half but after he's seen Real sit behind ball I wonder what approach will he use.


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Thank You for making this thread! Was tired of the negativity around. Lets move on and discuss about this game. If the team wins this comfortably everything will be forgotten and things would be normal again. Lets win this first. One game at a time. VAMOS BARCA


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Yes, this game will answer many questions regarding our form. We weren't fantastic before the international break, and I'm not sure if the deflated display against RM was all down to jetlag and complacency due to an already big lead, or if the players are also starting to feel exhaustion from having played 50+ games already this season. It was probably a bit of both.

Hopefully we bounce back with a motivated and sharp game against ATM on Tuesday.


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We shoudn't worry to much now, cause of a defeat vs RM. I think the main problem vs RM was, that the players knew they are 10point up already in Liga.

This is a knock-out game. So I'm confident the team put 100% into this game!

btw maybe it was good that we lost the game before, so they are warned know that you can't win without fighting..
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Past encounters with ATM are encouraging, but still need to perform well and bag in some goals.

Vamos vamooos vamoooos :barcaflag::barcaflag::barcaflag:


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think the team knew if they went all out on sunday considering we are playing the hardest working team in la liga we will need that energy


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I see no logic in thinking our team didn't go all out yesterday. They knew that if we lost they now HAVE to win at the Anoeta for the first time in years. Failing to do so will put extreme pressure on us with our rivals right back up our necks having lost 7-8 points over three consecutive games. Losing the league with the lead we had with so few games remaining will possibly be remembered as one of the biggest chokes in the history of football.

For the game against Atletico, not very optimistic. I think we're done this season. Tired, exhausted, flat batteries etc.
If they beat us, I hope they can go on and get their revenge. Stop Real Madrid from lucking their way to another CL. Worst of all, stop that piece of shit that's been statpadding against bad defences and outshone by his friends up front all season from winning another undeserved Ballon d'Or.
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Game of the season, we can't concede a goal and it's a must win, giving them the option of going for a 0-0 or a draw at home would be terrifying.
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