CL | 1/8 Finals: FC Barcelona - Lyon 5-1 agg.


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Decent first half but they wasted so many chances and against better teams this could mean the end. In the second half they stopped parking the bus and they were all over us and almost got us till messi saved the day again. Lyon was pretty awfull at defending and their second goalkeeper was pretty bad as well.

We paid big for messi and co. not being clinical enough and sacrificed dembele and now he is out of a month. This makes me very angry because dembele is very important and coutinho is a mess of a player right now.


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Logging off to possibly return late at night depending on the result. Hopefully a positive result otherwise.......

I have a positive feeling though. I believe that we will win by 2 or 3 goals. Won't rule out winning 4-1 for instance. Hoping to see a brave and offensive approach by Valverde and a team that will die on the pitch and work their asses off at both ends of the pitch.

Boixos Nois already assaulted 5 hooligans/supporters of Lyon with one of them ending up in the hospital. Totally unacceptable of course but I would not mind us giving Lyon a similar beating on the pitch!

If Dembélé will not be ready to play from the start or at all I want to see Malcom instead of a pathetically bad Coutinho. Malcom has scored 4 goals in 4 games against Lyon. Knows them well. He could be useful as a starter and if not convincing, Coutinho could probably do the least damage and give us the best output if coming on in the second half. Otherwise the reminder of the lineup should not be a surprise.

No need to NOT have faith. We are Barça and Camp Nou is the biggest fortress in Europe.

Força Barça.:barcascarf:

5-1. Close to calling it.

In any case the win did not really change at how I look at the team or Valverde. It's Messi doing everything (as usual) and mostly mental midgets (with few exceptions) in case of the smallest adversity in the CL. After Lyon scored their goal on their second chance of the game, the goal should have been ruled out, the team looked completely lost against a bang average Lyon side for almost 20 minutes until Messi took matters in his own hands and decided the tie. That's not exactly a great sign.

Malvierda obviously had a negative role to play (once again) with his cowardly tactic of sitting back and absorbing pressure when he should have gone for the kill as that was the easiest thing to do. Without Messi, I am not sure if "going for the kill" would ever have occurred.

Did not like the silence of Camp Nou in that period. I understand that almost half of the stadium was full of foreigners /tourists but such a reaction was unacceptable. It was like a freaking theatre watching ballet during those 15-20 minutes where we struggled.

Overall a good win (on paper) and onwards to the next stage. Really hope that we will draw an easy opponent (on paper) with Dembélé likely missing at least 1 quarter-finals leg and being completely rusty for the other one and the team's form not being the greatest.

As good as Messi was, he did not look 100%.
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My God how many negative and dramatic comments!
Barca came from two winning clasicos at Bernabeu and a challenge of 180 min. against Lyon where, apart the beginning in Lyon and the first twenty minutes of 2nd yesterday, Barca dominated and created a lot of chances.

We deserved to win also in Lyon e yesterday scored five!!!

And on this forum I read "bastard Valverde", shit performance, no mentality, no tactics...

Just a it a joke???
Probably you're got used too much well.


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We dominated these clowns for 70 minutes and scored 5 goals in the process.

No idea how people think they had a chance.
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Every team left in this competition fears Barca. All 4 forwards were superb. Arthur, both CBs also excellent, no one was bad.


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The farmers were very much in it, until the 78th minute. I think that Ligue 1 is underrated by the general football-watching public.

Only reason they were in it for about 15 mins. is because we failed to make it 4-0 in the first half and the ref was blind at that clear foul on Lenglet. And because Valverde went too conservative too early. Again.


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Only reason they were in it for about 15 mins. is because we failed to make it 4-0 in the first half and the ref was blind at that clear foul on Lenglet. And because Valverde went too conservative too early. Again.

Exactly. I didn't complain much about the foul on Lenglet for their goal since we got a cheap pen as well. But there's no doubt we should have scored at least 4 in the first half. It was an absolute procession.


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Actually we got the worst draw among the top four bookie favour.

Knowing Barca, it's the best draw. We needed someone to motivate us. United was the worst from the good teams. They will motivate us and we have the best chance to go through. Good draw.

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