CL | 1/8 Finals: FC Barcelona - Chelsea 4-1 agg.


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really? I mean, I knew we had the best defense in la liga, but I never knew it was the best in all Europe!
Visca Barca!

La Liga - 13 goals conceded (17 clean sheets)
UCL - 2 goals conceded (against Olympiakos and Chelsea) (6 clean sheets)

29 total clean sheets in all competitions


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Btw. Last game in EPL was Peter Chech's 200th Clean Sheet

With this rate MaTS wouls catch him in a blink ;)

Really don't know LaL record
Found that Valdes has 172 for Barça
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We must pay Umtiti whatever amount he want, it's obvious, or else I'm a bit afraid. Although, not just him of course, Pique, busi & rakitic is also solid this season. But he's leading the defence Dept.

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