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That isn't what it sounded like and you are fully aware of that.

I am now, seeing as how you misunderstood, but it is what I meant. I have no love of Chelsea, but the idea that Roman bankrolled them out of obscurity simply isn't accurate. They certainly bought their success to some degree, but they were already a big-ish club in England to begin with too.


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Swansea are parking the bus against Chelsea. :lol:
Been surprised by it, could work if the result stays the same.

Swansea have been pretty poor, as has the game, but apparently all games are fast end to end :lol:


Edit: What a shocking decision from the ref, how can he say Ba dived there?

Graham 2-0, class. Two mistakes from the overrated Ivanovic.
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laudrup and his pragmatic style. though i've always though that swansea is actually a very good defensive team with a.williams leading it, he really is one hell of a defender.

btw, ba has been more dangerous in 5 minutes than torres was in 80 minutes. already giving an headache for swans defense. missed 2 headers. benitez is really funny guy if he thinks he could win possession based games with luiz-ramirez partnership :lol: and don't come to say me that they have been good. they are utter shit.

2-0 graham. ivanovic fucked up again. basicly the same text goes to him as a said to luiz and ramirez. he is not good on the ball to build up attacks.


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Ba slightly offside there, decent finish as well. Game has woke up in injury time. Chelsea didn't deserve this tbh.

Anybody see the comments from Laudrup today?

Reporter - 'You played with Pep Guardiola at Barcelona',

Laudrup responds thus:

"He would maybe say that he played with me".

Thought that was class!


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Almost Another check mark to Chelsea's fail list this year. League cup was there's to lose! FA Cup and Europa still left.

Edit : Still second leg to play in Swansa. Can they save the League Cup!?
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I don't... I don't even... :facepalm:

How... How does this happen....

That should have been a penalty btw.

maybe you should think what chelsea could do better to win these games and play them befor start to blame refs.


Total cost of Swansea City's starting XI tonight: £18.3m. Total cost of Chelsea's starting XI tonight: £203.5m.

Torres cost the same as 25 Michu's.

Michu :wub:


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This is what I like about Swansea, Chelsea are a group of stars with big egos where as Swansea are a team with not many players in terms of individual skill but the key word is team
Massive collective effort's from Swansea, but then of course allow players like Michu to do his stuff. Plus Ivanovic being shit helps :lol:


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