Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool - FC Barcelona 4-3 agg.


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After getting dumped out like this for two years straight, our issues go waaay deeper than just one player missing etc. Dembele, Cou, whoever.
We were actually outplayed in the first leg and it could have easily been a high scoring draw.

Absolutely right.

Xavi also said this in a recent interview.


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The defeats against Chelsea in 2012 and Inter in 2010 haunt me more. In both ties we were the better team. Against Liverpool (and Roma) we weren't over two legs. This makes the defeats more acceptable though the choking meltdown came as a huge surprise.


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Can't believe so many people are blaming Dembele.... The 4-0 scoreline at Anfield would still have meant extra time and let's be honest, Barca were never going to score at Anfield, they had a proper schooling lesson that night.

It's fine saying if Dembele had scored that chance at Barca, but it's all what ifs. What if Salah had put away his sitter at Barca, or Firmino, or Hendo scored that goal. What if Messi didn't dive into Fab to win the free kick, what if he didn't move the ball forward for the free kick. Let's not forget the scoreline in Barca flattered Barcelona somewhat. If Liverpool had taken their chances like they normally do in Barca then Dembeles goal wouldn't have mattered anyway. If people insist harping on about Dembele and his what if situation, then the scoreline could easily have been 3-3, 4-3, 3-2, if all these what if scenarios played out.

Need to stop blaming a single player and look at the team as a whole for how they play in Europe. The same thing happened against Roma the previous season, it's not a coincidence.

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