Champions League 2022/2023

Who will win the CL?

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A very good day football-wise. Bernado Silva was impeccable today. Ruben Dias also deserves some thanks, if he didn't block that Musiala shot the game would have gone in a different direction.

Bayern missed Chupo-Moting big time I thought. Gnabry was invisible and Musiala was terrible. They tried to play everything through the center instead of utilizing their wings, that's probably on Tuchel.

City will need to play from zero again next Wednesday.


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120 km city collectively ran. (118 Bayern) contrast that with the miserable 105 we put against those super fit European teams during humiliations the last couple of years. Almost 1 player and half deficit.


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Bayern were competing well and arguably the better side until Upamecano screwed up.

After that Bayern crumbled and City took advantage.

3-0 is both a fair, yet unjust result.

In the words of the great philosopher, it is what it is.


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With talent and tactics, you can beat a team like Bayern.
Interesting how when we lose or drop points a lot is made how we don't have any pace. How much pace did City have yesterday? Especially compared to Bayern.

Davies got cooked last night. Turns out he isn't very good when he doesn't have acres of space like he usually does against us.


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This is why I said Napoli ain’t winning it. Can’t fair up to real top teams. Needs to be huge upset. As with Bayern might do damage in their respective league, but not all telling if league ain’t that strong.

I predicted City 3-0/3-1 in my whatsapp group. But to be fair also predicted Benfica win.


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Up until 70 minutes it was a super close game of football then Bayern went to pieces and gifted Citeh goals.

Upamecano and Davies were awful for Bayern though all game and their lack of striker showed when they had chances to finish.

When Davies pace goes, he’s going to be finished, without space he’s useless.


This is pure schadenfreude. I hope the board is happy with how this is going for them.

If we can also lose the league now, that'd be the cherry on top. Nagelsmann deserved better. Tuchel can only really be redeemed if he wins us the treble next year, which I'm already gonna say won't happen. He'll probably fight with management and be out of a job again this time next year.

I predicted City would win the treble when they signed Håland. I still predict that to happen. I don't see them losing more than maybe 1 more match this entire season.


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Said it before the KOs started - Bayern won't win shit wihtout a top striker.

Actually no team can win CL without a top striker. Look how well it went for us in Europe where Lewa pulled off a disappearing act.


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Fair point, considering the fact that the likes of Werner and Havertz aren't good enough to be called forwards, not to even talk of strikers. Maybe 2011 Barca with false 9 Messi and 2019 Liverpool with 9/10 hybrid Firmino can also fit the bill (even though they both had inverted wingers that scored as much goals as an out and out striker)


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Told y'all city would beat Bayern easily.

That's what you get for firing a young up & coming coach midway through the season like a bunch of assholes lol.

Especially one that played Barcelona, inter & psg without conceding a goal.

Oh we're Bayern all that matters is the CL lol🤣🤣
Yep, the CL elimination of Bayern is totally on their board, how can you hire a coach ten days before a City KO clash and expect something good out of this? :lol:

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