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Have you been to Anfield? In comparison to other clubs in the premier league, sure it's underwhelming, but in comparison to Barcelona there's a world of difference. I've been to both camp nou and anfield and camp nou is orders of magnitude more touristy than Anfield.

For as long as I can remember Andield has had better atmosphere than Nou Camp. Different starting points and nothing new there. But it's a trend that affect most (if not all) big clubs. Particularly obvious in big tourist destinations.

That doesn't mean all big clubs have as terrible audience as ours.


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You can probably name on one hand, a list of truly big clubs that have a great atmosphere in their stadium, anfield being the most obvious one.

Most other it's pretty dry unless thier team is really killing it in a particular match.

Camp Nou has forever been very quiet unless we are putting on a show.


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Well the only close one is Bayern in Germany and yeah people complain about the atmosphere there too, even though i never experienced it as that bad myself.

It's always full though. Way cheaper as well compared to Camp Nou.

The atmosphere at the Allianz wasn't bad at all, perhaps not always as "high" as the Signal Iduna Park is but pretty close. Constantly chanting and signing and yeah, almost always full.


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I think for us there are several factors/reasons that led to a relatively quiet Camp Nou:

- The relatively small number of the Animation Stand and the lack of Barca ultras presents at Camp Nou regularly. Yes they are there but their numbers look really small to me compared to those of other clubs, especially those in Germany. You can hear them sometimes but by no means are they that loud, not as loud as the other ones at leas.

- Camp Nou is simply huge and almost never full, you only get between 60K - 70K on average or so generally, many local fans are just kind of pretty laid-back from my observations, almost kind of like some American sports fans, not as engaged as other fans. Chatting, talking, eating etc. Ticket prices might have played a role. If they are cheaper, perhaps more local fans will show up.

- Relatively large number of "tourists" or "international fans". Many of them are very passionate, perhaps more passionate than some local fans but most of them are pretty quiet, they don't know how to sing the club songs in Catalan and they don't react to what comes through the PA system etc.

- Ultimately I think it is what Neeraj said, many socis and local fans simply don't care that much. Why? We don't know.


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U don't know what's funny about it, is they care more about women team than men's team, where was the crowed when we played vs Frankfurt!?


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This is cool, the clasico wasn't a one-off. Like I mentioned in the earlier match thread - I've never seen an atmosphere like that for the biggest of men's games in the Camp Nou - 90 minutes continuous cheering and noise. It's one thing matching the exxcitement for the men's games; in our case it's like going to a different stadium and it far exceeds anything the men's game sees, ever really.


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Men's game full of tourist. Females game I saw a lot of young and local people. Commentator mentioned great amount of female spectators too, which is great for the sport.

Not as many tourists, more young people because cheaper ticket prices etc. makes for better atmosphere.

Let's face it, tickets for the Barca games are insanely expensive if you are young lad or girl.
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I read something Barca are going to allow the leasing of Camp Nou for weddings now


Is this normal? Sounds corny lol

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