Who will win the Bundesliga this season?

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I absolutely love Klopp ...such a great guy :wub:

A woman can tell what is genuine and what is not. And Klopp definitely is. Amongst the very few trainers who can get a team of B players performing at the highest level. So much heart this man, and it reflects on how his team plays the game.


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Ole, jetzt kommt der BVB. We have a good amount of depth this year. Reus and Gundogan will be back in September. I hope that we can make a deep run in the CL; I don't see why we wouldn't considering we made it to the QF with an injury ridden squad.


I'm starting to think, that as long as we keep it up, we can demolish Bayern in a CL tie :lucho:.

Of course, we have no idea where we are, but I'm pretty sure they would suffer the same faith if they play rma in the CL.


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Easy, we will pay back for 12-13 season and send them back home with 8-1. Messi scores a own goal against MaTS just for fun in the last minute. This happens IF we will meet them in the semis. This is complete nonsense, so you shouldn't believe it.


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He said that the doctor said that he is ''99% sure'' that it's indeed a torn ACL.



Nah, they only want Benatia or Godin.

Some are already saying this is a blessing in disguise that they will finally they a CB.

Those saying that are fucking idiots.

Don't think they will be able to get Godin, but Benatia is definitely an option I think, his situation is still unclear, especially with Roma trying to get yet another CB.

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