Who will win the Bundesliga this season?

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Leverkusen are still unbeaten this season. Let that sink in for
a moment . When Xabi came they were in shambles. That's what a great manager can do. This clown club though will never learn. When Xabi becomes Barca manager this club will suffer.

I dont think they will lose in Bundesliga, only in EL they could get stopped from AS Roma or Atalanta/Liverpool :thinking:


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Ragnick is the leading candidate according to Pettigoal
IS this a kind of joke?
He is the guy that even failed AS an interim at UTD, and is better suited for SD rather than coach.
Can't comprehend Bayern's thinking
Looks like a terrible choice
Keeping Tuchel would have been far better.

What is wrong in your club?


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Tuchel may take it home in Europe, coz that's kind of what Tuchy does but in Bundesliga he lost 2 league's (Dortmund just lost it more) so I don't think he can stay on.

Read a Matheus interview where he talked about candidates. Said first two options turned down Bayern in Xabi and then Nagelsmann. Was asked about Flick and he said he wants to coach abroad and isn't interested in Bundesliga, so that puts to bed the rumours that Bayern don't want him.

He suggested Unai Emery which is a sound call. Don't think he would want to leave Villa before experiencing CL with them though. So all things considered they are not finding it easy to find someone.

Very much doubt they would get Ragnick though he would probably be better in BM compared to United.

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