Bringing a small backpack to the Barcelona-Bilbao game


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I'm heading from the airport to the game and was wondering if bringing a small backpack would cause issues with entering the stadium. Has anyone gone to a game this season and know what the rules of bringing a small bag? It would mostly be my headphones, passport, and plane tickets in the bag.


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Good question, this is a very important consideration. Just don't try to bring suitcases. Don't know what size pack will get through. It is possible to store stuff at the airport.


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I have seen women's purses being allowed but never saw a backpack, no matter how small being inside Camp Nou.


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In the match vs PSV I entered with a normal backpack, security only checked what is inside and didn't say anything


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Hello from Greece. I am going to watch live a Barca game on Sunday for the first time of my life and I am so excited. But in the email with the attached ticket,it is mentioned that no entry of bagpacks or belt pouches is allowed. Do you know if this prohibition is so strict? I would like to bring with me a medium size purse with my cell phone , ID, handekerchiefs etc. Too, do you know if I can bring a tablet 10.1 ' with me?
I have already sent an email to the Club but without no response.

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