BF's Flop of the Match - 2018/19


You guys are giving a player that was on the field barely 3 minutes as flop of the match? Lol guy done more in 3 minutes then players who played many more minutes despite the terrible misses.
Maybe Coutinho..
Maybe Rakitic also. Why Rakitic? Because he is too slow for the midfield, he is not very physical (like Vidal) nor very technical (like Arthur). To be fair, I wasn't focusing on him all match, but I remember that the most dangerous action of Liverpool came from a bad clearance of Rakitic at the end of the game (maybe tired?); it was a normal aerial ball, he cleared it badly, and then liverpool recovered it soon and the ball came to Salah in front of our goalie but he hit the post ! (we were lucky)
Also in the dangerous shot of Milner saved by Stegen, I see that Rakitic was responsible, because he arrived too late, didn't track Milner quickly. Is the old Milner quicker than Rakitic ? We shouldn't afford to make that kind of Mistakes in Anfield. Every ball, every movement counts !
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Tourists don't count?

Umtiti then.
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