In the upcoming weeks i will post some information about upcoming Belgian talents,playing for our international team.

In the mean while i could put some links to wikipedia and youtube so u have an idea. Feel free to look up extra movies etc yourself :)

Some names:
Vincent Kompany @ Manchester City (UK)
Solid defender with nice technical skills and also has attacking possibilities.
He played for Anderlecht, Hamburg and now Manchester City.
He was voted best player of Man City of december (if you know they have robinho etc...)

Marouane Fellaini @ Everton (UK)
Special type of player u dont find alot in Europe: great physical strength and ability to score. He proved himself at Everton this year (his first) .

Moussa Dembele @ AZ (Competition leader in Netherlands)
Great attacking skills: fine dribbler and possesion.

Anthony VanDen Borre @ Genoa (italy)
Great skills,his only flaws :his character (why he got left out alot)
Check out his performance in midfield in the movie below (Belgium vs Spain)
(made the zidane move in midfield before giving assist to incorrectly denied goal)

Others (later):
Jan Vertongen (Ajax)




-introduction of players name and pic + some action):
A bit outdated though.


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thanx for the info Lieven!

I watched Kompany often when he played for Hamburg. He played as a DM there even though he`s a defender primary? Glad he adapted fast to Premiership although I can`t say I watched him there. What position he plays for City?
VdB is a guy I expected more from. Don`t know about you but maybe Serie A doesn`t suit him?


Thanks alot man, that was a good read. I'm really impressed with Kompany .. I remember watching a Belgium match (don't remember which one) and he won each and every high ball, set piece, or corner kick. His physical and ability in the air are incredible for someone so young, I would have loved it if we signed him instead of Cáceres.


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Belgium - Slovenia

Lieven vs. Mirko :smile:

Will both teams field their strongest players tonight?

M.L. King

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I expect we will test some of our younger players, but otherwise I think we will put our strongest team on the field.

Thanks for the thread Bojan. You are playing against Romania. It should be a thriller.


need to recheck but what i thought i heard:
We have some injuries and "u can stay at home" players like Kompany,Fellaini ...
Decamargo (Standard Liège) is selected for the first time


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When you`ll have time it`ll be nice to see a topic about Slovenia. I know you`ve said you knew some NT players personally.


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VanDen Borre is someone I usually keep tabs on in FM (i know it's just a game) but i like him because he can be a cover to almost half the pitch if injuries occur, he should be raising his game and improving his personality. Great player nevertheless.


Eden Hazard in copa de france against Lyon : 2 assists + this goal :


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