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Nagelsmann ball excuses are piling up already:

����| Just a day before facing FC Barcelona, the players of Bayern Munich are angry with Julian Nagelsmann as they believe that he never admits his mistakes after a poor result.

Bring on the chaos!


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Time to be ruthless. Unleash Dembele Lewa and Raphinha on these Germans.

This and the Camp Nou match will be a good indicator of if we're back or not. 1 W, 1 L is expected IMO. 1 W and 1 D would be amazing. I don't see 2 Ws happening for Barca, not yet.


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Bayern's Oktoberfest Jersey. ngl, this is a sick jersey



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Don't like it, especially the Edelweiss (?) wreath around their logo, and that new Deutsche Telekom logo with a lone T. without the extra dots. Their white and gold away jersey this season is very nice though.


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Is normal. Bayern used all of their physical and mental energy playing us. Luckily they have the international break to recover.

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