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All four captains were asked to lower their huge salaries just a month ago, but they have refused. Who is that stupid to give up on these heavy paychecks?

I think Alba was fairly low paid for years, so probably why he doesn't want to give discount.


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nobody makes serious moves in january. club was right to move now for the desired targets.

kounde is a proven top CB in la liga. the others that we have are just meh or haven't proven themselves.

better to have options and to asses who is worthy of starting or not.

VVD, Coutinho, Vlahovic, Laporte, Bruno, Luis Diaz, Diego Costa, Auba (twice) all moved in January.


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VVD, Coutinho, Vlahovic, Laporte, Bruno, Luis Diaz, Diego Costa, Auba (twice) all moved in January.

yes, but most of those transfers were made either out of desperation or those clubs had cash and wanted to get the player before other clubs were interested in the summer.

most clubs tend to not make big changes to their squad mid-season. if an opportunity arises, then yeah it could happen.

if we didn't get kounde then he would have went to chelsea and maybe some other target wouldn't have been available in january because club didn't want to sell.


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If I were Xavi I would make that fool in every home match to enter in 90+ min just to hear the boooes... And ofc after warming up from minute 5th. Delusional fool. He will link with Lewy in attack ... Ffs... Maybe on his PS5


Registrations? Are we set or?

Yes. We are mate. We have just registered 6 players - S.Roberto, Dembele, Christensen, Kessie, Raphinha and Lewandowski. Only Kounde is not yet. Busquets will agree on pay-cut if he get new contract extension. If the board grant his wish, we can register Kounde as well in the next few hours.

We're set. Ferran - Auba - Ansu Fati to start.

Nope. It will be Dembele - Lewandowski - Raphinha.


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Gary Neville
In return for 25% of their soul

Guy keeps embarrassing himself even up to this moment...

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