Barca Transfers and Rumors


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Yeah, other clubs could say we could have had Pedri + Araujo for 10M now how much they are gonna cost.
Although tbf, Barca current situation demands more bargains.

100%. The club needs elite management top-to-bottom to turn this around the way fans want, and the management has only been good to ok...ish.


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Some media is saying that Flick wants Eric Martel as our new Defensive Midfielder.

He is a text book destroyer, which I honestly would welcome but won't make sense if we sell Frenkie


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'Monitoring' lol

I sure as fuck hope we are monitoring most players in these leagues.
Barca has a good scouting network tbf to them, you don't sign players from Croatian and Argentinian 2nd divisions without massive network of scouts. It is always a question of how good our decision makers.

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