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I like him.

My preferences from that list based on the price, availability and possible fit.

1. Lucas Perez for around 18-20M and possible loan of Munir. Don't know why some people here don't like him. He'd be perfect fit for us, he can also play on the wings if needed as he has played there for majority of his career. He's quick, technical and can score around 15 goals depending on the minutes he'll get here which is all you can ask from your backup striker.

2. Jonathan Soriano. I think we could get him for less than 10M. He knows the club and Lucho knows him. He'd be purely a backup for Suarez though, as I don't think he can play on the wings but we have other players to cover there.

3. Carlos Bacca. I liked him in his time in Sevilla but didn't follow him much last season in Milan. What I don't like is his rumoured price of around 30M. That's just too much. If we are willing to pay that much I'd rather use that money on Gameiro but we weren't willing to do that so I have hard time see us paying that much for Bacca. If we can get him for around 15-20M and maybe give them Tello then I'd do it.

4. Mario Gomez. What is he doing on the list? Not the type of forwards I like.

I won't even count Lacazette (too expensive and won't sit behind MSN), Gameiro (he's on his way to AM) or Gabriel Jesus (his price will be much higher as rumoured 20M and I'm not comfortable paying that much for unproven kid; he'd have to go out on loan anyway if we sign him and we need a backup for MSN now) as a serious alternative right now.

From other players I kinda like Wissam Ben Yedder from Toulouse and I've always been a fan of Giuseppe Rossi. I know he's injury prone but maybe for 5-7M I'd take a risk with him. He'd be a good fit here IMHO.


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Wtf??? Seriously? The guy was fucking awful in Euro. I won't even pay 5 million for him. What the fuck is Napoli smoking??

I can name plenty players who sucked badly at the Euros, and didn't live up to their usual level.
He's been pretty good whenever I saw him at Ajax. Not 35m good, but good.


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Didn't Enrique say he wanted all transfers to be done before August 31st? And I am starting to like Lucas Perez more and more after hearing the players we are linked with.


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We shouldn't wait until the end of August. New player needs time to adapt! Another problem is that we need backup for Neymar who will be absent till the end of August.
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