Barça Forum Prediction League 2014/15

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Congrats pacp_96!

Finished 3rd, what a tough season with so many good predictors. Also big thanks to S2K!!

Let's enjoy now!


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:barcascarf: Yay :barcascarf:

What a great season. We got the treble :hooray: and now ive done the Election and prediction league double :worthy:

Unlucky to the guys who just missed out especially Caluhu who missed out by one point. Unlucky buddy. Gave me quite a scare since I had been running away with it.

Most thanks has to go to S2K though for running this thing. Can imagine it gets quite tedious to do it week in week out but you've done a great job running it so thanks again.

What a great year. Visca el Barca!!!!!


Congrats, man! Never thought I'd actually get that close to you anyway. Congrats again, man! And congrats to everyone else for quite a run in this league!

Most of all, thank you to S2K. Thank you for all the works you've put in! You are awesome, man!

Finally, congrats to everyone for a beautiful season! I am still in all kinds of euphoria and ecstasy!
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