Barca Forum Policies - Please read it

M.L. King

The Preacher
This forum is free for registration. However, you will need to abide by the rules and restrictions enumerated below. Please read the policy through in order to get properly informed with it. If you find yourself in any kind of dilemma, please do not hesitate and contact the administrator/moderators.

1. Rules

a. All the members should stick to the topic. Those who will constantly deviate from the center of discussion will be warned and if they persist in their undertaking of violating this restriction, they might get banned for an indefinite period. Imposing such a strict rule is for the betterment of the discussion and welfare of the forum.

b. Members have to express their thoughts in a polite and respectful way in order to avoid offending members involved in a discussion. Thus, any usage of swear words directed to any other user will be deleted by moderators and punished first with a few warnings and if the situation does not improve, a ban may ensue. It is also imperative not to be racially, gender or religiously intolerant or bear animosity based on their personal beliefs.

c. Members that will disrupt normal discourse by writing in-coherent clauses i.e. not abiding by normal grammatical and stylistic norms (not using capitals at the start of the sentences, first names, last names; omitting crucial punctuation marks etc.) will be penalized.

d. Barca forum is an English speaking site, thus try to express your thoughts in a clear way, avoiding usage of colloquial expressions that might be confusing to those who are not native speakers and are not as skilled in the language. Also avoid using TXT language which might be impolite and incomprehensible.

e. It is imperative to limit your usage of "emotions" and "smilies" which might distract the normal flow of the conversation. Try to express yous viewpoint in a direct and plain way, pursuing an end of expressing the point of your argument in the most intelligible of manners.

f. Signatures must not slow down the forum (no gifs, maximum size 30kb and 700 wide x 200 tall pixels for images OR 5 lines of text (in english/catalan/castellano)

g. Using any images, videos, articles from other web sites demands citation. Plagiarism will be severely punished with a caution and with further proceedings if necessary.

h. Changing user names is not an option for a member. If you come up with a reasonable application for alteration of your "name", we might consider and change it. However, we prefer if you stick to the name you primarily chose.

i. Spamming, advertising, promoting political agendas (excepting Catalan), advertising other sites on BarcaForum is forbidden.

j. and its owners are not responsible for the content on the website. You hereby agree that you are wholely responsible for the content of your posts.

k. Gif images are not allowed in avatars or signatures.

These are some basic rules we demand from you to abide by. Any questions you might have, should be addressed to the admin or one of the mods.

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