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Interested to see where he plays.

Valverde is playing on the right and Bellingham is the one getting freedom in the 10 position.

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Figure when we get him and Vini back and if he impresses despite rawness, we'll drop the least valuable midfielder (my guess would be any of Camavinga/Fede/Kroos depending on performance but any might be tried at #6 if Tchou not great either) and shift to 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 letting Jude roam ahead of the pivots

Rodrygo/Joselu CF
Rodrygo/Brahim/Arda RW
Bellingham dropped down deeper away from goal if is needed to close the gap between forwards and mids


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Bellignham will be the 10 and given freedom to get in box a lot still I would guess. They need him in there with only Joselu.

My guess would be Arda a sub and maybe comes on at 10 and Bellingham deeper if games is done.. or even Rodrygo/Joselu off and Bellingham more or less po top with one other than Guler at AM from right.

Interesting to see though.

But when Ancelotti is on such a level he can tactically use Garcia to play rope a dope as worst player in football to point gets left in space second half then no one can compete with that level of thinking.
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Long as Bellingham scores or adds lots of danger (and he does, be it runs on ball or those late runs on a header like last night from Brahim and where he almost got a brace off of missing crosses by inches vs Barca), he wont get moved off his free 10 role that's for sure.

I dont particularly think it'll last too long before Ancelotti decides he'll need to go back to drawing board and send him a bit deeper more often if Arda or Brahim prove too good in bursts to ignore and change shape to reintroduce RW
That + Fran still needs time to get less nervous so Mendy might be in at LB as soon as returns from injury. And when back, we will no doubt lose the danger from LB so no point playing diamond


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Bellingham will be no10 almost no matter how he plays. Would need to be absolute shite to move him from there and its the posision he has been bought to play.

Deeper he isnt nearly the same player and is Reals best 10 by far and more or less face of team already.

For most part Real will be Bellingham 10 and Valverde right would be my guess.

Issue with Mendy is he is terrible in final third and probably need more width without Vini but he will be back soon enough.. if they put him back as left winger/forward who can almost 'cheat' and not defend so much and play on last man.

Real will be like Barca last season and take a few months for all the players to settle into formation that suits would think and in mean time can still find ways to beat majority of teams.

El Gato

Yeah didnt mean he'd get moved off 10, but can sit deeper ahead of pivots longer without being given as much freedom in behind striker
He absolutely should stay at 10 and build side around there
Just dont think it makes sense to play diamond with him as SS/CF when have at least two other players who do a lot from RW and wont see game time otherwise with the midfield shaped as is
Fede at RW is not going to happen I think as he's clearly going be tasked with covering for Carvajal as long as in form

Sooner think it'd be Fede-Tchou double pivot, Tchou in and out of team depending on form and to keep Kroos as weapon for teams we can dominate and control, Belli ahead, classic wingers and a CF of choice


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Yeah I mean Fede on right as was yesterday.

He was closer to a RB/DM and occasionally a RW higher up and think thats where will stay and depening on opposition how Ancelotti wants him and Carvajal to play.

Carvajal looks better on ball than probably ever has at moment. Not sure where comments about him being shite this season came from yestrday.

The Fed/Tchou double pivot should in theory work and lets Fed go with his energy but both are still quite rash and neither yet can control a game.. well thats not what Fed is but its what Tchou should be.

Krooss and Modric are just so far ahead of Tchou and Fede on the ball and controlling the game currently one will almost always play would think.

El Gato


That + moving Guler/Brahim in pushes Vini back outwide where he's best.
Yet to see how he'll cope having less of the ball to run at players - at least should yield some of it with all the others in mid and on the right
But there's plenty to work with there
Diamond will probably need to go. Not sure how soon, but it really does. Have a feeling Carlo will stick with it until as long as Clasico on back of "well we made it this far playing it and put so much effort in to make it work", espesh if backed by results
Which will probably be a mistake
And traditionally we dont change anything unless we get a 0-3 or 0-4 flaying


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It is harder to play Vini that LW/forward role with Bellingham getting freedom at 10 I think and probably why Ancelotti trying to find another way.

Last couple seasons he has almost been a left forward at times and allowed to 'cheat' stay higher up park to dare teams to press high and keep Benzema away from area.

Vini as a 'proper' winger isnt the same as seen with Brazil when has to stay wider and play more of a structure which is what think Ancelotti is trying to do and still give Vini some more of that freedom.

Cant have Bellingham staying up behind striker when defending and Vini staying high and left dont think.. well can v some teams but in Europe and Barca get run around in midfield probably if try that.

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