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Yeah, why not? Auba, Mané and Salah are the three biggest names from Africa right now I guess. Kalidou Koulibaly, Aboubakar and some stars from The Ivory Coast come to mind too but they would be behind in my ranking.

Edit: Okay, I totally forgot guys like Keita, Ghoulam, Moses etc.

Well, the more I see it the more I think Salah should win it
Usually this award if based on your performance with your club first and NT second, Salah is easily top 3 in 2017 with Mane and Auba, and he might even have some edge on them.
With NT he both lead his team to ACN final and first WC since 1990. Mane will lead Senegal to WC but was eliminated in QF in ACN
Salah atm should be favorite


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Congrats, Khaled!

It was about time Egypt qualify for the World Cup after winning all those African Cup of Nations in the last 10-15 years.:hooray:


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Full time 2-0.. morocco went to the world cup without conceding a single goal during the whole thing. This team is solid i think its going to do big things in russia.


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Congratulation guys, well deserved.
Morocco,Senegal,Tunisia qualified in past two days to join Nigeria & Egypt. Would say all of them fully deserved to win their groups
Morocco,Senegal & Nigeria are all very good teams and could make some noise in Russia


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Didn't know where exactly to put this.


Not sure about the defense but overall this looks like a pretty good lineup.

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