Abde Ezzalzouli


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If he belonged to any other club he'd be sold for double.
This club is simply hopeless at selling players.
Kessie was sold for half price too.


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Have nothing against him. I just feel better watching mediocre players leave the club.
if we could ship Roberto, it would be even better.


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Barcelona is NOT in a place to negotiate a good deal on anything.

Even the Saudi bambouzeled us on Kessie
We take what we can


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If teams wanted Abde they would be bidding for him and not letting Betis get some amazing deal for no reason.

There was little interest in him as he is not nearly the player some think last season.


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Maybe some other club would've sold Abde for 20M+, but then the thread would also be filled by posts laughing at the dumb club buying him :lol:

Barca isn't really in a position to rip others off, that's what happens when the whole world knows you're broke af.

If he really turns out to be a 20+ mil player then the remaining 50% will bring in good money, if he flops then no loss in selling him for 7.5 and maybe get another 1-2M in the future.


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Also that 50% sale may come when club are not under FFP rules of 50/60% that can be spent on market.

It makes sense from that perspective.


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Reportedly we have a 20m buy-back. Good deal, don't get why people are complaining.

El club verdiblanco está ofreciendo al Barça hacerse con el 50 por ciento de los derechos del marroquí, algo que puede cristalizar por una cantidad de unos 7,5 millones de euros porque más no cabe en el aval. Y es que el club azulgrana ha tasado a Abde en una cantidad de entre 20 y 25 millones


So we can buy 50% of his rights back for 20/25m :lol: . Meaning that he is a 50m player.

Yeeeeeaah, Abde ain't coming back. We need to learn how to negotiate buyback clauses from Uncle Flo Flo.


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On Sunday it was revealed that the amount that Barça will have to pay to recover Abde is 20 million. But on Tuesday another nuance came: the right of repurchase is only valid for the end of the first two seasons, that is, for the summers of 2024 and 2025.

This Wednesday there is a new contribution. If FC Barcelona exercises the option of repurchase after the second season, the agreed price rises to 25 million euros, according to MD from sources close to the Betic club. After the second year, Barça will no longer have the option to buy back Abde.

In addition, in the event that FC Barcelona decides to exercise the option of repurchase by Abde, either after the first season or the second, Real Betis retains 20% of the capital gain from a subsequent sale. That is, if Barça buys back the first year from Addepor 20 million from Betis and then sells it for 50, Betis would be entitled to enter 6 million more (20% of the capital gain of 30) and it would be 26 million for Betis and 24 for Barcelona.

If Barça exercises the option of repurchase in the second year, it must pay Betis 25 million euros. If it then sold the player for 60 million, for example, Betis would receive 7 million more (25+7=32) and the Barcelona club would earn 3 million in the operation, since it would pay 25 to Betis and earn 28 million net of the sale for 60.


Real Madrid - Fran Garcia

21/22 -> Rayo - 2m
23/24 <- Madrid - 5m

I guess our Abde deal is closer to the Kubo deal though with both being attackers.

Real Madrid - Kubo
22/23 -> Sociedad - 6.5m
-Buyback clause (without expiry)
-50% sell on clause (effectively making the buyback 30m)
-No % of capital games to Sociedad incase Madrid buyback and re-sale.

Basically Abde will never be back. But we're absolutely horrible at structuring deals. I was going to say that this happens when it is not coming from the owners pocket since we're member owned. But then you can see how much better Madrid's deal structures are.

Also, I bet we got capital gains % put into the Nico deal too.


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Osasuna make 500k from the Abde sale to Betis, in a 10% capital gains clause in the loan contract.

Fruitful loan for them.

Are these type of clauses normal in loan deals?

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