7 - Ferran Torres 5.0 Great White Shark Edition


Professor Balthazar
Quit smearing DNA with Ferret's name.

Can't believe we're suffering almost a year now with Xavi's failed signing.

It was his first signing, maybe he didn't really do his homework properly and nobody stopped him because we gave him the benefit of the doubt - but pls no more of these transfer fuck up's, we've had to many the last 10 or so years...


Active member
How smart he is. How smart he moves without the ball.

Don't care about the goal. Look at this movement.


Senior Member
Hope it gets his confidence up.

Even if some of us don't rate him, if you've played organised football, you know how awful it is when just nothing goes right and all the shots go into Row Z.

Hopefully this goal is a relief for him and helps bring his confidence back.

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