7 - Ferran Torres 3.0. Baby Shark Edition


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Probably just doesn't want to leave so we have to spin it off like that.

He's on a decently big wage here and who doesn't want to play for FC Barcelona, especially when he starts sometimes.

We won't make a profit on his amortisation anyway likely with how low the teams are gonna offer.


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65m for this guy while we were a mess financially lol.
Ridiculous purchase considering our finances. Fair enough if we're going to scrape enough money together to sign sure thing Haaland for 50m+. But signing this guy for that in the circumstances we're in, is as bad as or worse than 130m Coutinho.

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Xavi has spoken to Ferran Torres and will count on him next season. lol
They are just saying that so they can get as much as they can for him when they desperately try to sell him in the summer. If Xavi counts on him why is he 5th choice forward lol.

Alemany has probably already told Xavi that Villa want him. I don't expect us to sell more than 2 players for decent money, but I think he is the best shot at leaving, along maybe with Kessie.

He's still young, and he knows that he will always be the fall guy the minute he drops anything close to a mediocre performance. He knows deep down he will never succeed here.

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