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Had some nice touches, but it's painfully obvious that we can't plan with two U19 players as our starters. Can't believe some people wanted to sell Frenkie. He's badly needed.


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I am the first person to say that Gavi needs to grow a lot as a player and shouldn't be relied on as a starter, as of course he is 17. Some people on this forum said he is a top3 midfielder in the world, lol.

But I have also said that if a player has many offers significantly better in salary terms, and from top clubs too, that we can't expect them to accept ours. We have to make a competitive offer.

A long-term contract (5 or 6 years) of 3m net would be fair. Even though it is a lot to pay a 17 year old, you lock him down and are in a strong position to collect a big transfer fee if he wants to leave again in the future. Also, he is still very good despite his age and is going to be a key rotation piece over the next seasons.

Fair enough.

We are not currently in a position to offer the same as other teams as we have some pretty huge debt with a lot of other positions to cover, players wise.

He has bags of talent and he looks way ahead of his age, however I don't think he would have gotten more than 10 games this season in another top team. He probably won't get that next season if he leaves, so he has to think about that too. We have to make a competitive offer, but then he also needs to understand that we offered him the platform to show his talents so early. Wouldn't get that in any other top team, as he alegedly has offers form the likes of Liverpool.

If we would have a world class team as our stature would entail, then he would still be in Juvenil A or Barca B and wouldn't get even half of that. He should understand these things we did for him. Forced or not, shouldn't matter as he got way more exposure for playing for the first team over some juvenil or lower level team.

For me 3m net should be the absolute top of his yearly wage including bonuses. Base should be more like 2m imo.

Maybe he wants more, maybe he wants less years, who knows, we will have to wait and see.
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Talent is obvious, but he's possibly years away from being a starter for Barca or any top team really.

He's only 17 though so it's not bad or something. Just that he has a lot to learn.


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He clearly has a long way to go but the talent is there. He's asking for too much money though imo. He needs to keep his head on his shoulders. He's only 17 and getting carried away.


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Heard he is asking an absurd amount of money.

Someone needs to put him in his place or else he will end up playing for Wolves at best !

He is in no way or shape able to be a starter at any "good" club with his current level, albeit he is still young.

So he has a golden chance to be in a big club with an average team in total rebuilding, lot of people to learn from, if he tossed away he'll be dump as fuck.


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We can't rely on him fully yet. If De Jong don't play our midfield options are not good. Yesterday and in the 1st leg the midfield was a big problem.

Gavi: not ready yet. And because he is good at 17, doesn't mean he will be elite at 22.
Pedri: Cant provide moments of brilliance but can't dominate a game. Still lack intensity.
Busquest: Cant play in games with high intensity. Been like this for atleast 5 years.
Nico: Shit
Kessie: wtf

I can live with an attack of Fati, Ferran, Aubamayng, De Jong, Depay, Dembele for next season.

Clearly our midfield is the problem. If its up to me we drop the new striker and get one quality Busquest replacement(Aurelien Tchouameni) and a high intensity CM to pair with De Jong (Matheus Nunes, Enzo Fernandez?). Pedri as 4th choice. Gavi 5th.

Our midfield is getting dominated in Europe, not so weird if you look at the options we have.


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Gavi is fine (and not only good for 17), but the combination with Pedri is not desirable by age alone. Same as our CB partnership last night.

Team fell apart from defence onwards. We had zero positional dominance.


Alright guys lets calm down and assess this logically. He's 17 year old. Just as we should have not hyped him to crazy levels like prior weeks, we should also not trash him after one bad game. We shouldn't even be looking towards a 17 year old as the difference maker in midfield in the first place.

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