4 - Ronald Araújo


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Best 1 on 1 defender in the world. Check.
Improved on the ball. Check.
No-bullshit centre back. Check.
Pocketed Vinicius like no other. Check.
Played in front of Asspanyol fans with Barca colours in his hair. Check.
Protecting his teammates on and off the field. Check.
Ready to deck some asshole Pericos. Check.

My captain.


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While it's true Alba and Roberto have been here longer, in reality, Araujo should be in contention to be the first Captain ahead of those two at least. Younger and has shown plenty of Leadership and heart as well.


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That pass out wide for first goal is best pass have ever seen him make.

Proper Mascherano/Marques zinger that almost invites the defender to think they can win it wrong foots them.

Usuall his wide ball go 100ft in air and come down with snow on top but that was a humdinger of a zinger.


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Will pretty much be the captain (Alba and Roberto aren’t starters). Lewy would be a farce. Only Messi could challenge him.

Alba, Roberto and MATS will be ahead of him automatically.
If Messi comes back, that will round the 4 captains without new vote, the 5th moving forward is done by seniority and not voting.
So yeah, he might not be in the captains next year if Messi come back, and even if he doesn't it isn't give his teammates will vote for him and not someone else.

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