3 reasons why Barca will stay top


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1. Pep Guardiola

To put it simple. He`s showing maturity that is uncanny for a coach that got his first chance in top flight only 6 months ago. That being said it`s becoming more evident that Schuster is getting over his head with squad problems and the latest injury vows. More and more people are claiming that his title with Madrid came on the wings of Fabio Capello`s work.

2. Lionel Messi

Despite not being voted as European player of the year, it`s very much obvious that Messi is the best player in the Continent at the moment.
His level of performances are shoulder to shoulder to those of Ronaldinho`s in his prime time in FC Barcelona, scoring and setting up his teammates week in and week out.
If he maintains to stay clear of injuries we may expect his best season so far.

3. Team form

It`s not much of a news when we say Barca is the most inform team in Europe. First breaking a more than a decade old record of Bobby Robson with the best start in the season and, more recently, with number of consecutive wins in away matches.
Statistically, FC Barcelona are currently the best scoring team in Europe. Scoring 40 goals in 13 matches. At this rate Barca is bound to brake yet another record.

It`s still early days in Primera but there are no signs of Barca slowing their pace. And we just might see more records fall before the season finishes.


Re: 3 reason why Barca will stay top

Great article Bojan !! Makes alot of sense. Madrid are piss poor, and we currently are a united scoring machine !! ROll on Barça :cool:

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